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If I don't log in the desktop environments, does the desktop enviroment still cost RAM?

If there is no GUI session used, but the system still displays a GUI for login, only this GUI login part will use memory. Processes managing this are mostly waiting and thus mostly doing nothing. If ...
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How to specify a number of copies in print lpr command using ssh

The hash most likely needs to be escaped, therefore the correct command should be: cat path/to/document.pdf | ssh [email protected] lpr -\\#5
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How to display text for non-interactive login shell

~/.bashrc and the equivalent system-wide one if any (generally /etc/bash.bashrc) is normally not read by non-interactive invocations of bash. It is also not read by interactive login shell invocations,...
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How to access git repository whilst using brew command?

That repo is not publicly acessible. If you have private access when you're logged in: Please read the link provided in the error message, it does explain what there is to do (namely, log in, get an ...
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