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Installing software under home folder (i.e., on other than root partition)

You're not giving me much to go on but here is what I would do to run Libre out of my homedir. (Note the * will be replaced with whatever libres version is now) # First, create a directory in your ...
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1 vote

Installing software on a different directory in RHEL 8.x

If you have the mount point created, with rpm can work: rpm -ivh --prefix=/mnt/software xxx-x.x.x.rpm But you have to make the partition of /dev/sdc and mount it.
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1 vote

Installing software on a different directory in RHEL 8.x

You don't normally use storage devices directly in any operating system, even in Windows. You first partition disks and then in the case of Linux you mount the desired partitions into the desired ...
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1 vote

CodeLite install Ubuntu

In Ubuntu 24.04, CodeLite 17 is available in the Universe repository. So sudo apt install codelite should just work, or sudo apt install codelite-plugins if you want the plugins.
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1 vote

I have a package I can't seem to uninstall (Debian)

It sounds like you have root/shell access to it, some things you can try (as root): apt-get purge chatty # it's more thorough dpkg-query -S chatty # if it were installed, where? In that source ...
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