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Stop service using SSH causes "Control master terminated unexpectedly"

perhaps increasing the maximum waiting time before the timeout occurs could be a viable option.
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Systemd killed my vetcore service: "Deactivated succesfully"

With Type=oneshot, you will often also want RemainAfterExit=yes, so that systemd will consider the service as "running" after the process invoked by the ExecStart= line has ended. From man ...
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systemd "status=203/EXEC" error when creating new service

I had the error when the binary belong to a root user with permission 700 e.g. hadn't execution permission for others. The service unit use own user so it can't start the service. I made chown o+x /...
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How to avoid systemd periodic realtime timer running at boot

Eureka! The issue was that I hadn't initialized the time correctly. Yes I followed this post but I used a script that wrapped the /sbin/hwclock --hctosys --utc --noadjfile command, delaying it in time....
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Service setgui running as nobody

I think I found the problem. My problem was the primary group of the account is not set to what I want to. Every time i start the service by defining setuid and setgid I get an operation not permitted ...
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Stay on a port listening to understand why it closes with which error

Based on the tags of the question, you are using bash on a mac. The best way to see what is happening on a port is tcpdump. Based on the port 8080 being used, I am assuming it is standard http ...
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Error: could not open `user_jvm_args.txt`

As it turns out, by adding a user, group, and working directory, it allowed me to start it no problem!
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How to check running output for a process which is not being explicitly logged?

That is in general not possible. Especially, the program (or the libc) can itself detect whether the stdout are actually file handles, and behave differently. You could still possibly attach a ...
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