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How to rsync files between two remotes?

Improving on Chris Davies: add usernames add no strict host key checking, in case host1 doesn't know 'localhost' yet. create tunnel to host2 separately for special cases add batchMode, to not let ...
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Are hardlinks with rsync a bad solution?

Were you assuming that --link-dest would be used to link the live source to your backup? That would indeed be a very bad idea. Typically your backup would be a copy of your live data, but within ...
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Are hardlinks with rsync a bad solution?

Or am I missing something? yes you are missing that rsync can be used to make a backup of one drive onto another distinct backup drive. which are not hardlinked. Then subsequent backups to the ...
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Make rsync move (not copy) files on local file system

ideally rsync would have a move-files option... until then, we need workarounds this is a part of my answer to How to convert a normal Git repository to a bare one? the example code reads the source ...
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Rsync --progress parameter syntax error

When typing the file path, enclose it in double quotes. rsync -avzP "/home/test/testdir" "/home/test/testdir2/"
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Retrieve large number of files from remote server with wildcards

Instead of letting the remote shell expand a glob that results in a too long list of arguments, use --include and --exclude filters to transfer only the files that you want: rsync -aim --include='*/' -...
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Securing Rsync Daemon Over SSH with NON-root user

My recommendation is to secure that either with an insanely long password or disable password authentication alltogether. Instead use a secure elliptic ssh-key and allow login only from your specifiy ...
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