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List files only in rpm package

It would appear that rpm has no builtin option to suppress directories in the file list output. However, you can use the --queryformat option (without -l) to print file modes and file names for each ...
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List files only in rpm package

There are a couple of options to restrict the output: -c, --configfiles List only configuration files (implies -l). -d, --docfiles List only documentation files (implies -l). But nothing for all ...
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List files only in rpm package

libarchive as used by bsdtar, bsdcpio and many graphical archive extractors supports RPM files, so you could for instance use bsdtar to convert the RPM to tar format on the fly and use star to filter ...
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How can I know which not installed RPM package contains a not installed command?

Either of these should work: zypper search --provides tlmgr cnf tlmgr dnf whatprovides tlmgr
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