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How exactly does Linux use the prefix length assigned to network interface?

That is, does the prefix length have no meaning and the real work is done by the route entries? The subnet mask defines your subnet, and thus also defines what the broadcast address is, and to which ...
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Forwarding REST API requests and responses using iptables

You do not do it with IP tables, you do it with http-server configs. Setup two http servers. One visible to the public (your node-int), and another inside your LAN, unaccessible from outside world (...
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nft port forwarding not working on router

Let's look at a part of the Packet flow in Netfilter and General Networking schematic. It was made for iptables but most of it applies for nftables: It's documented that the nat table is consulted ...
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ip route: no route to host

sudo ip route add via dev enp0s3 appears to be the IP address associated with enp0s3. You should be providing the address of the router on which can ...
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NetworkManager changes default routing policy

If someone cannot fix the issue with other answers, you may also want to check if you don't have another network manager installed that is interfering. I had both ConnMan and NetworkManager installed ...
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