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The grub2-mkconfig does not propagate renamed root logical volume on RHEL 9

Well, the temporary solution seemed to be # grub2-mkconfig --update-bls-cmdline -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg But it only fixed the actual state. The update of kernel still used the previous LV name. The ...
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Set timezone on RedHat ubi8-minimal image

Without access to the timezone database under /usr/share/zoneinfo, the timezone can instead be set with the environment variable TZ using the POSIX-format (see
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why aliases found in root users ~/.bashrc file are not used for standard users by default?

Or you can add root account alias /root/.bashrc to /etc/skel/.bashrc by login through root. These will take effect for all the newly created user.
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Unable to start service, auth could not identify password for

I suspect you have something like this: [Unit] Description="WS02 Server" [Service] User=Test_user ExecStart=sudo /usr/local/bin/wso2am-4.1.0 There are a few things wrong with this: sudo ...
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Problems installing QT online installer in Rhel 7

ldd shows that all of the libraries that are found are under /lib64. Your package system says that the i686 version of xcb-util-wm is installed. This does provide ...
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On RHEL8 how can I use `alternatives` to choose an already listed version as the used version

Just a note that if you want to set python3 version in batch script without interactive promt, you may use command alternatives --set python3 /usr/bin/python3.9 And optionally alternatives --set ...
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RHEL 8 authentication required window is not taking correct password

There was an issue with RHEL 8.4, 8.5 with the Gnome environment: (that went away) I was still able to SSH remotely to the machine. So I re-...
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Installing Python 3.9 on RHEL 7 Using Ansible 2.9.27

I agree with Jordan on creating a local distro. Documentation for creating the repo can be found all over but the exact steps will depend on your topology. This syntax may be off as I just hand jammed ...
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Resetting logical Direct-Access Error || RHEL 7.x

This has nothing to do with LVM. It's about the logical disk created by the hardware RAID controller. Unfortunately HP had chosen a name that sounds similar to LVM terminology. The second log message (...
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prevent secrets from being printed to cloud-init logs

If you have a set -x in your script, then this may solve the issue: # Turn off tracing before any commands with a secret in them. set +x export PASS=$PSS echo "export PASS='$PSS'" >> /...
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gdb-multiarch command not found

It's been a while but I just encountered this problem and found a solution. First of all, as mentioned, the gdb-multiarch package is available in Debian distributions but not in RHEL (the current ...
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How do I replace or remove the redhat logo placed in the activities button in the top-bar?

I found the target icon in "/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps". The file was named "start-here.svg". Replaced it with another icon and it worked.
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Starting user units from custom path

Yes, that's possible; man systemd.unit is your friend and helper here! User Unit Search Path ~/.config/systemd/user.control/* $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/systemd/user.control/* $...
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