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How do I set time and date from the Internet?

A small command I found to update your time in case you don't want to install anything just to update the date. :) sudo date -s "$(wget --method=HEAD -qSO- --max-redirect=0 2>&1 ...
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How do I scp via ssh?

To copy from REMOTE to LOCAL: scp -P 12345 user@server:/path/to/remote/file /path/to/local/file To copy from LOCAL to REMOTE: scp -P 12345 /path/to/local/file user@server:/path/to/remote/file Note:...
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Change a directory name in a Github repository remotely, directly from local Linux Git?

The fatal error message indicates you’re working from somewhere that’s not a clone of your git repository. So let’s start by cloning the git repository first: git clone
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"Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key" when trying to run program remotely

This one worked for me. So I'm leaving this answer here. export DISPLAY=:1.0
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How to remote execute ssh command a sudo command without password

you can tell sudo to skip password for some command. e.g. in /etc/sudoers archemar ALL = (www-data) NOPASSWD: /bin/rm -rf /var/www/log/upload.* this allow me to use sudo -u www-data /bin/rm -rf /var/...
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Turning encrypted system on remotely

You can enable this by installing dropbear-initramfs and following the instructions to configure your SSH keys. This will start an SSH server from the initramfs, allowing you to connect remotely and ...
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Does rsync have to be installed on the remote server?

You need to install rsync in both source and destination machine. rsync works by doing quick calculations at both ends looking at the timestamps and existence of all the found files in a particular ...
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.ssh/config to start remote session in zsh

For anyone arriving here years later, since 2017 it's possible to put everything in the config file: Host host_1 HostName User root Port 22 RequestTTY yes RemoteCommand ...
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How can I use files from HTTP as prerequisites in GNU make?

Try something like this in your Makefile: .PHONY: local.dat local.dat: [ -e example.gz ] || touch -d '00:00' example.gz curl -z example.gz -s -o example.gz [...
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Password problem x11vnc

I was able to correctly set up the autostart for x11vnc server by creating a symbolic link from the executable to the "autostart-scripts" folder: Creating a symbolic is not needed. Store your ...
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Closing connection after executing reboot using ssh command

Some answers were close, but the right answer is: ssh [email protected] "nohup sudo reboot &>/dev/null & exit" explanation: you want to exit as the last command so the status of the ...
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How to read man pages from a remote machine

As already stated in the comments, I don't really believe that -m can display manpages from a remote machine. To display a manpage from a remote machine you need something like: $ ssh freebsd 'man ...
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How to remote execute ssh command a sudo command without password

The most simple way is to provide password from stdin if your sudo supports that (-S key) ssh -t admin@remotehost "echo <yourpassword> |sudo -S <yourcommand>"
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How to run a process overnight on a remote server after quitting out ssh

As the other answers suggest. You can use nohup <command> &. You can also use screen, this (basically) is a detachable terminal. You can start a terminal using the command screen and when ...
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How can I get the address of my local machine?

I just got the shortest way around this $ who root pts/22 2016-12-28 13:22 ( If connected via ssh. This will display the user logged in plus the IP address
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How to copy symlinks as symlinks from one machine to another?

I know @polemon has already answered this. But doing my tad bit for quick solution. I had to do man rsync to know which switch I wanna use... rsync -avz -e ssh /file or sym link/to/copy/ user@ip:/...
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Can vim edit a remote file as root?

I'm going to say this is not possible because vim is not executing remote commands. It is simply using scp to copy the file over, edit it locally and scp it back when done. As stated in this question ...
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Executing a remote command

If you specify a remote command, then the ssh connection is going to close as soon as the remote command exits. A cd command will exit almost immediately. A common way to do what you want is: ...
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redirect sound (microphone) via ssh, how to telephone via ssh?

Erik's answer works well, but using it how it is, using flac or oggenc, there's significant lag. A solution is to add -cache 256 to the mplayer command, so it would look as follows: ssh <user>@&...
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How to recursively uncompress gz files on a remote host with limited commands?

To extract your files, you need to use gzip: gzip -d *.jpg.gz You mention doing this recursively; given that you don't have find, you'll have to visit each directory in turn and run the above ...
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How to recursively uncompress gz files on a remote host with limited commands?

If shell of the host you are sshing to is bash version >= 4.0, you can enable the globstar option. When enabled, the ** glob will recursively match subdirectories. So the following should do what ...
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Mounting windows share with write permission for both root and user

sudo mount -t cifs //MOC/php /home/gameboy/Pulpit/Windows-Share -o user=wat,username=gameboy,password=fakepassword,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777
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Kill remote process via ssh

The $(..) command substitution would fail as the $ is expanded by the local shell even before it is passed to the stdin of the ssh command. You either need to escape it or use here-strings. Also the ...
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How to edit a text file without a text editor?

In that instance, I'd try transferring files out and editing them on another computer, then transfer them back. If you have ssh, you should have scp (I hope), so you should be able to push files in ...
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How to dd a remote disk using SSH on local machine and save to a local disk

Combining these answers allowed me to clone to another Linux host and avoid the 'permission denied' error: RPI4 SD card (/dev/mmcblk0 - this clones the entire card) avoid permission issue by ...
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How to create a virtual machine from a live server?

Physical to virtual - P2V - is the procedure you are looking for. rsync will not help in this case. You should use a Vmware's free VMware Converter tool to convert the disks of your physical server to ...
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View script output over ssh in real time

Use the -u flag to python: cat | ssh user@host python -u The behavior you're seeing is because, when writing to stdout when stdout is not an interactive device such as a tty or pty, ...
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Log off remotely

You can use the command who -u that gives the list of users logged in, along with the PIDs of the shell sessions. root@server:/# who -u root - pts/0 2017-08-08 15:52 00:08 21934 (192....
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Alternatives to nfs that rely on username/password or public key authenthication

If it's the performance of NFS you want without a more "tricky" setup then your only other real option is CIFS/SMB (e.g. by mounting a Samba share). In terms of difficulty I'd say Samba setup isn't ...
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