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External Bluetooth adapter installation

I've just resolved this with solution from this thread by Sergey_B. cd /lib/firmware/rtl_bt sudo mv rtl8761bu_config.bin backup_rtl8761bu_config.bin sudo mv rtl8761bu_fw.bin backup_rtl8761bu_fw.bin ...
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Starting systemd service after but DNS is still not available

In year 2024, systemd now has a Any service that requires DNS service to be available could be configured with After Also, if your system is LDAP/AD integrated, ...
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Starting systemd service after but DNS is still not available

Raspbian <=11 must be configured to use "slow boot" for to work as intended (more). For me it's: sudo raspi-config -> 1. System options -> S6 Network on boot -&...
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apt update: repository regolith-linux does not have a Release file

I deleted every file which contained the name regolith in it in /etc/apt/; that fixed the error.
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msmtp having issues authenticating

port should be 587 username should NOT be email tls_starttls should be on seems to have fixed it
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troubleshooting crontab not running

You are using ./media when I suspect you meant to use /media. If you use ./ that means you are giving a path relative to your current directory. So, for example, if you are in /some/dir/, then ./media ...
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