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The problem of performance was because I thought that whitelisting the syscalls en nspawn with --system-call-filter will improve the performance, but as they explained me in systemd mail list I should use export SYSTEMD_SECCOMP=0, because nspawn will still be processing syscalls when I whitelist them. SYSTEMD_SECCOMP was added in systemd v247 (debian buster ...


The “I:” at the start of the line indicates that it’s not an error, it’s an informative message. The system is informing you that, because arm64 binaries can’t be executed natively, it’s using QEMU.


Yes You can simply pause or stop your virtual machine then simply copy the .img, .raw or .qcow2 as the backup. But i have suggestion for you: you can use easily get a snapshot. get snapshot with qemu-img: qemu-img snapshot -c backup /vms/vm10001.qcow2 or virsh command: virsh snapshot-create vm10001

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