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Symlink to python exec and the python exec have different sys paths. This causes ModuleNotFoundError

Your can achieve what you want (be able to use venv without actually activating it) by creating your symlink py in the very directory /path/to/project/venv/bin in order to meet the following criteria (...
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How to inspect GUI elements (buttons, fields, forms) in Linux and automate, control them from Python script?

This works on Windows it features a standard API, called win32, for drawing applications UI. In Linux there was libX11 in the past, then libXCB, and for a while GUI toolkits used X11 for drawing until ...
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Can't install FISH on Amazon Linux 2023

Amazon Linux is not CentOS, and that's exactly what's hitting you here. No big deal. First question you should ask yourself whether a specifically cloud-service-tailored Linux distro is actually what ...
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