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Don't do that: if you want to use different version of Python for your projects or development you need to either use the versioned command python3.x or virtual environments. System tools like DNF depend on the exact Python ABI version. On Fedora 34 you have the Python 3.9 version of Python DNF installed in /usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages and it won't work ...


You need to disable tmux from spawning login shell as described in tmux is causing anaconda to use a different python source


usage: ./ ./your_path | tee output.txt if you want different/additional details from media info check those available with "mediainfo --Info-Parameters" #! /usr/bin/env python3 from glob import glob import os import sys import subprocess path = sys.argv[1] print(path) files = [f for f in glob(path+'/**', recursive=True) if os....


This is going to be disappointingly short: The question is, is there a way to download a link while only knowing the whole string partially. Can you request the whole string or something? No. (a lot of security actually relies on that being impossible!) (also, when using python, you'd typically not use the external wget program, but just use a python ...


Did you try HOME=/home/denis/project/ * * * * * /home/.local/brownie run /scripts/ --network rinkyb ? As it stands, you're trying to run brownie using brownie itself. Furthermore, brownie isn't a shell and cron won't work with arbitrary executables in the SHELL variable.

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