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Pipe/Mix Line In to Output in PulseAudio

I've got a very similar situation here! 2 PCs, one Linux machine (my primary) plus one Windows machine. I set something nice up to automate TWO-WAY audio connection, using my headset with the Linux ...
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Audio not play unless restart pulseaudio or switch device

sinkmanu said: ...our solution is remove Pulseaudio and configure PipeWire (there is a transition). Probably in Fedora, you can find a similiar situation and solution. Based on that, on Fedora 39 ...
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PulseAudio: How to determine native sample rates and bit depths, supported by hardware?

Quote from Archlinux Wiki You can check what your DAC supports by querying ALSA: First get the card number of your DAC: $ aplay -l ... card 3: S2 [Schiit Hel 2], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio] ...
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Command line per-application volume (maybe amixer or pactl?)

i used @pablo-a solution but edited it to work with pactl #!/bin/bash function pactl-set-app-volume() { local player="$1" local volume="$2" playerSinkIndex="$(pactl list ...
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