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How to check if apt proxy configuration is correct?

Ok - 11years old but top 5 in search so i tried my very best to get set solved by the following implementation. this check the proxy if it works with the ...
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Check whether SOCKS5 proxy server support UDP

To your pleasure : test by IP test by Hostname test of DNSleak
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How to flush local DNS cache in CentOS

For anyone use CentOS 7: systemctl restart NetworkManager
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redirect traffic of wlan0 through v2ray http proxy

I could solve this by modifying the answer to this question. I removed the parts for eth2 and changed eth1 to wlan0.
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Advertising an HTTP/SOCKS proxy over local network

For the HTTP proxy part this can be done via DHCP. While you can set the proxy URL in your PAC file to point to a socks server (using the socks scheme) that's somewhat redundant if you have a working ...
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