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You are probably looking for this option: -s, --standalone Run gedit in standalone mode. (From man gedit.)


Save the PIDs as you start the processes: pids=() ./w1 & pids+=( "$!" ) ./w1 & pids+=( "$!" ) ./w1 & pids+=( "$!" ) ./w1 & pids+=( "$!" ) (that's assuming a shell with bash-compatible array syntax) Now you have the PIDs in the array pids and can access them as "${pids[0]}", "${pids[1]}", etc. If you are using plain /bin/sh: set -- ./w1 ...


If you have tuna installed you can list all kernel threads like this: $ tuna -U -P thread ctxt_switches pid SCHED_ rtpri affinity voluntary nonvoluntary cmd 2 OTHER 0 0xff 290 1 kthreadd 3 OTHER 0 0xff 2 0 rcu_gp 4 OTHER ...

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