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Changing permissions of a symbolic link (exercise from school)

Sounds like a trick question. On several systems, you can change the permissions of symlinks with the fchmodat(2) system call with the AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW flag or with a lchmod(2) system call and with ...
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Poweroff or Reboot as normal User

Here's what I have done when I needed this. It may not work if the shutdown needs to happen right away, but it has the advantage that it needs neither extra privilege nor sudo. Create and maintain a ...
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can't get permissions for debug folder with a custom program

So these folders are only used for logging the debug info? If so maybe I can comment out in the program where it uses this directory? No, these aren't actual folders with actual files in them. They ...
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How to run a command/program using system account in Linux

The machine account is essentially a Kerberos/AD account. Unlike Windows, Linux doesn't have built-in OS concept for machine accounts. But a machine account is essentially a set of network ...
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Permission Issue - Granting access to copy files with root ownership

sudoers file is for specifying commands that the user can run as root (or as another user), using sudo. It has nothing to with file permissions. To give an user access to files, you use the standard ...
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Cannot write into `/sys/power/mem_sleep` in debian

Using vi on that file system entry makes no sense, because it is not a "file on disk", it's really just a kernel API. In this case, it's ab API that only accepts specific strings, and it ...
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