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A pip install for jupyter notebook puts its binaries in ~/.local/bin, and then I'm asked to add ~/.local/bin to my PATH. Is it a normal place?

Installing user binaries to ~/.local/bin conforms to the XDG Base Directory Specification and is quite common nowadays: User-specific executable files may be stored in $HOME/.local/bin. Distributions ...
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Saving Files In Kdenlive to removeable media

-But the terminal doesn't know how to find the AppImage file where it’s been downloaded into the “Download File.” Make sure you navigate to the downloads folder. Try to view all files by running the ...
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Remove duplicate $PATH entries with awk command

Since people resorted to suggesting perl oneliners, I'll also throw a coin into the pot. This one is in ruby (and way less cryptic that everything else, IMO): PATH="$(ruby -e 'puts ENV["PATH&...
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