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How to migrate my encrypted passwords to my new laptop

So I eventually figured the problem myself (I think). On my new computer there was already a .gnupg directory with one default file. I don't remember which one but anyway. When I copied my .gnupg ...
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dhcpcd times out at "waiting for carrier"

It may simply be a case of using the incorrect wifi password. Update it and you should then see wlxf42853190543: carrier acquired wlxf42853190543: connected to Access Point: nibbleston Indeed, in ...
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How do I password-protect PDF file so that it may be opened in Windows with only Adobe installed?

you could use pdftk example pdftk <source>.pdf output <destination>.pdf userpw <password> or let adobe do that for you
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GNU Screen - any way to remove password when detached?

You can disable it Disabling Gnu Screen Lock If you use ssh keys, and dont have a password, you may want to disable it. There is a way to work-around and disable the lock program by adding the ...
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