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How do I rescue an encrypted LUKS partition after failed shrink

To recap, after resizing partitions, you got this mount error: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/luks-5c9cfaa5-0576-4b47-8e65-05f7d8b52d39, missing codepage or helper program, ...
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How to edit/resize an LVM partition graphically (with a GUI)?

The only tool I know that manages logical volumes, physical volumes and disk partitions is KDE Partition Manager. Here is a summary of my brief experience with the main tools, and how to install them ...
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What could be the source of drastically different disk usage reports between df, lsblk and baobab?

Thanks to @frostschutz' comment and link to a related question, the problem could be further diagnosed using a bind mount: mkdir /mnt/root mount --bind / /mnt/root Upon inspection of the filesystem ...
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How can I increase the size of disk?

I will show you how to resize disk in VirtualBox graphically and via command line (for Linux geeks or experienced users). Both methods are easy and straightforward. The steps are the same for Linux ...
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Ubuntu resize partition in in backward direction

There are multiple things you need to understand: a partition contains a file-system, usually but not necessarily with the same size as the partition partitions can be expanded (or reduced) on their ...
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Installing Pop OS on a system having two Hard-disks

"I'm worried that I'll loose the data" - make sure you back it up. In one Linux install that I did (many years ago). I had a single boot drive plus two more in a raid array. I accidentally ...
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Subpartition inside partiton not showed in lsblk or /dev/

Answer I think I can relate to this question with mounting partitions inside a .img file. If my thinking is true, then running sudo losetup --partscan --show --find /dev/sdb4 should create a loop ...
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Unable to move a partition

Found the answer to my question. So adding here if someone is looks at it in the future. Warning: every situation can be different and moving partitions can break your system so always ensure you have ...
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