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How are package maintainers poked to update their package

The astyle package in Ubuntu is imported as-is from Debian, where it has a configuration file specifying how to watch for new releases. Unfortunately it filters on specific types of compression, so ...
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How are package maintainers poked to update their package

That depends. For example, fedora/redhat have, a network of observers that either go through websites and check for updates, or fetch source code versions from revision ...
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Need help installing Cloudflare WARP on Elementary OS

I'm assuming that you executed the steps as described. The second step (# Add this repo to your apt repositories) had a command in it that requests the name of the OS: $(lsb_release -cs). elementary ...
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How to properly remove all installed packages that match regex in Arch Linux?

You can make -Q list only package names if you use the q option. So this should provide the list of installed packages (output from y system, yours will be different): $ pacman -Qsq 'texlive*' texlive-...
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How can the football manager Bygfoot be installed on Debian 12?

Bygfoot is not available anymore in the software repository of the Debian 12 release, Debian 11 was the last release it was included. (see You can download Bygfoot as a .deb ...
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DNF|YUM - Diable a package upgrade for one specific package version

Using yum or dnf, there is no tool that can block updates to a specific version while allowing anything afterwards. All that can be done is to use one of the methods that you've mentioned such as ...
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APT complains of broken/unmet dependencies for my package, but they are available in my repository. How to fix?

I found the problem I was having was that I changed the download source for packages. in settings > about > download source. I changed it to a server nearer to my location as this enhanced ...
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How to find out which (not installed) Debian package a file belongs to?

apt-file can produce many results. With its perl regex, it is almost able to perform the task... if only the file was verified to be installed somewhere in $PATH... apt-file find --regexp "/$...
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