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Why is my stub-resolve.conf missing?

Sorry, i am late to the party, but maybe this will help others. I had the same problem, and actually, the /run/systemd/resolv directory was missing. Then I realized that systemd-resolved.service was ...
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How to check what compression type an RPM package uses?

Query the RPM with a custom format that includes the Payloadcompressor tag ("Payload compressor name") like this: rpm -q --queryformat '%{PAYLOADCOMPRESSOR}\n' -p qt-4.8.7-67.fc36.x86_64.rpm ...
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why /var/log/wtmp and /var/log/lastlog have read permission for other users? Is it necessary?

For the file /var/log/wtmp, the read and write permission for the group utmp is to allow it to write the login, logout informations to the file. Changing it to readonly for group will affect this ...
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YUM and RPM error: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping h#

It happen when followed package that were having problems when querying the rpm database for a package that was installed which cause meta tag mess up: rpm --rebuilddb it should all be back to ...
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Yum or apt-get is missing in Oracle Linux Server 8.5

apt-get is missing because Oracle Linux is not a distribution that uses apt. Different distros (mainly, even!) differ in the kind of tools they use for package management. apt-get is from Debian (and ...
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What's the differences between ifdown and "ip link set .. .down"?

It's not true that there's no difference. ifup and ifdown read /etc/network/interfaces, and on top of bringing the interfaces up and down, they execute lots of scripts also in /etc/network, which ...
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A folder with d?????????? in the ls -l

Something similar happened to me once after I changed the credentials of the user I used to authenticate and mount the directory. The solution that worked for me was to unmount the folder: sudo umount ...
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Is Oracle Unbreakable linux free?Why ask for certificate?

To quote the Oracle Linux Premier Support page: All Oracle Linux software is provided for free and can be downloaded from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. That seems to answer your question fairly ...
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Why is Magic SysRq not enabled by default on some systems? Is there a risk?

You might not want to have the ability for some random person to walk up to the keyboard and reset the machine, or even worse, start printing registers, syslog or all tasks to the console, all without ...
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yum repolist shows status 0

I found a solution for the repolist showing the status zero. Apparently, it is because of the rest of the .repo files in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory. Just rename the files to an extension other ...
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How to install less on Oracle Linux Server

If not already installed, this should do it : yum install less Edit: as you are actually running in a Docker environment, the correct way would be to rebuild it with less added. Otherwise, you ...
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rpm is installed / rpm is not installed issue

Notice the line: package custom-linux-9026-10.0.0-BUILD116.noarch is already installed So despite the filename of package-10.0.0B116-02202013-x64.rpm the package (in rpm header) is likely named ...
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Can systemd 'adopt' or 'inherit' a process or cgroup?

No. The process will be running in a different context as far as systemd is concerned. This is, in fact, one of the reasons that Desktop Bus service activation should be avoided. Service processes ...
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How often (and when) does NTPD update the time?

If you change the clock underneath NTP while it's running, it will either start to slew the clock back - if it's not too far out - or simply give up in disgust and exit. If you do change the clock a ...
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Is Oracle Linux with Red Hat compatible kernel identical to RHEL?

For years, I've kept the Oracle Linux in my wallet of "things to try" and replace CentOS with. With the announced discontinuation of CentOS as an RHEL clone, I did give it a try. I quickly ...
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Can't run RPM due to calling hook fsm_file_prepare in selinux plugin on Oracle Linux 9.3

I hit this problem on Oracle Linux 8.9 server, due to an unpublished Oracle bug which requires a manual workaround. Oracle Support Document 3002168.1 - Oracle Linux 8: The dnf install/update Commands ...
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Bash ping script file for checking host availability

An old post, but as a suggestion you can use the -w option on ping to avoid the loop. For example, ping -w 30 -c 1 host will try for 30 seconds with one ping per second (default ping has 1 second ...
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RHEL6 && OEL6 How is $DISPLAY determined on startup?

In man X(7) there is section Display Names which states: On POSIX systems, the default display name is stored in your DISPLAY environment variable. This variable is set automatically by the xterm ...
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OEL6 Slow boot && Millions of socket files in /tmp/orbit-gdm

I'm having the same problem on RHEL6.8 with an 800 megabyte /tmp/orbit-walker directory (walker is my username). This prevented my system from booting. I found the problem by adding init=/bin/bash ...
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Google-chrome installation on oracle linux 7.8 dependency problem

I solved this for installing google-chrome-stable 83.0.4103.61 on Oracle Linux 7.8 Slim by enabling the optional repo: yum-config-manager --enable ol7_optional_latest
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Google-chrome installation on oracle linux 7.8 dependency problem

i have done it right now. You must install all dependecies: yum install liberation-fonts yum install libXScrnSaver.x86_64 libappindicator.x86_64 libappindicator-gtk3.x86_64 yum install vulkan Now ...
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How to check progress of an already running lvresize command?

This may be an overshoot because I don't know the internals but, to have an idea, you can try the following: Get the pid of the running process: pgrep -afl resize2fs 2377 resize2fs -M /dev/vg0/lv-3 ...
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Ethernet controller I219-LM not claimed by driver e1000e

Fixed by following the steps in this answer: Download e1000e version 3.8.4 from Intel. Extract the tar cd src sudo make install Reboot
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Can't Extend Oracle Linux Partition

Whenever fdisk shows you a partition with ee in the Id field, that indicates the actual partitioning type is GPT and this version does not support it. Partition ID code ee is a dummy MBR partition ...
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How to resolve "A start job is running..." after kernel update

I asked the answer to two questions. Is it worth it to try and fix this or should I nuke the VM and re-create from the last boot volume back? (losing some work and at fear issue will re-occur) If it ...
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How to remove all installed weak dependencies packages for RHEL and its derivatives

Weak dependencies may only be used in package A's specfile if package A still functions without the dependency B present. That means that package A merely "suggests" that package B be ...
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A folder with d?????????? in the ls -l

Check the permissions of your sf_my_share directory. If you have read but not execute permissions on this directory, then you have enough rights to list the files in that directory, but you can't ...
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migrate all logical volumes (including swap and /) to a new disk

You can mirror the lvs, break them after the copy, test (with a reboot) and remove the data from the old disks. Just don't mirror the swap fs, it's better to create another. In this link the guy has ...
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rpm is installed / rpm is not installed issue

If you still have the original rpm file, extract the package name from it with -qp and the filename, eg $ rpm -qp ~/myrpm-1.0-05077.i586.rpm myrpm-1.0-05077.i586 and try using that in the rpm erase, ...
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