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I'd need a gigantic bitmapped font

I apparently forgot that X can convert {O,T}TF fonts to bitmaps on the fly, provided that your distribution a) places a convenient set of fonts.dir, fonts.scale and optionally fonts.alias in the font ...
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I'd need a gigantic bitmapped font

You can scale up a bdf font with bdfresize. Or you can retrieve a font from the X11 server, converting it into bdf, with getbdf.
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zypper install specific major version without specifying the minor version

In case someone needs a working example, here is one. In my case, I needed to install binutils, but only in "2.39-something" version. It's a good-enough non-interactive solution, worked even ...'s user avatar
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Linux header and extra modules on ubuntu container from an open suse micro os host with mismatch kernel versions

Ultimately, you’ll need to load your modules into the host kernel, so you need to build them with the host’s configuration exactly. Even finding a matching kernel in your Ubuntu container wouldn’t ...
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