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What is a good way to perform a SHA256d hash (double SHA256) on an OpenBSD fresh install?

openssl dgst -binary testfile | sha256 ... is shorter, but there is no built-in way of applying the SHA256 hash twice on some input in any of the base utilities on OpenBSD.
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OpenSMTPD: Mails that should be in root user's mbox is in default user's mail box

Since quite some releases ago, /root/.forward file is created during install when one opts for creation of a user (besides root). Rad more about it in forward(5).
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Is it possible to find out when a user changed their password?

And I have discovered a more light-weight method of seeing who changed the password (even though it doesn't tie it to a specific time-stamp, and would leave me wondering if two or more people were to ...
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Configuring IPv6 ULA addresses in OpenBSD via SLAAC

(Reposted from my OpenBSD mailing list reply) Ok, think I figured it out. My core problem was that I was assigning prefixes manually in rad.conf, then assigning each interface an address in the same ...
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Is it possible to find out when a user changed their password?

On OpenBSD, you need to start process accounting wuth the accton command: touch /var/account/acct # The file has to exist before accton accton /var/account/acct To have accton enabled at boot time, ...
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