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OpenBSD httpd.conf conditionals

while httpd supports using patterns in the context of some keywords (alias match, location match, server match) the functionality you are looking for is not implemented in httpd. i see two ways to ...
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Server httpd(OpenBSD), doesn't work server.key

OpenBSD httpd can't read encrypted keys, ie. passphrase protected ones.
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How to find why php72_fpm is failing to start on OpenBSD?

By running rcctl -d start php72_fpm (note the -d), you will start the service without redirecting the output from the rc.d script to /dev/null. This would allow you to see what's happening. This ...
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How to find why php72_fpm is failing to start on OpenBSD?

Answer was to: Open the rc file at /etc/rc.d/php72_fpm to find the actual executable's path: /usr/local/sbin/php-fpm-7.2 and running that directly, which gave the actual error: failed to load ...'s user avatar
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I can not change the ciphers in OpenBSD 6.2 in httpd.conf

Can you show your full configuration? The following starts without error for me on OpenBSD 6.2. Notably the tls must be within a server block, and must be listed individually for each option. (Yes, ...
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How to require authentication for a subdirectory on an OpenBSD httpd webserver?

This minimal configuration works for me, assuming the default chroot of /var/www: server * { listen on * port 80 root "/htdocs/default" directory auto index location "/...
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The IP address of the server is modified in relation to the client once the VPN connection is established using WireGuard

In all likelihood, your client does not know that it should route requests to via the WireGuard interface. So either you add that route manually or, as @Jaromanda X says in his comment, ...
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OpenBGP httpd.conf

To use a simple block return redirect, it needs a specific / location block or it will infinitely loop (noting that the location block / is without a wildcard so assets can bypass) server "www....
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