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nginx problems redirecting non-www to my index.html page

I figured it out. Provided below is the solution that I went with. Please provide any feedback regarding final solution. server { root /var/www/<domain>.docker.hub.registry.<domain>.com/...
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Shell script: How can I write multiline content to file if the file doesn't exist?

There's nothing stopping you passing newline characters to echo. Inside single or double quotes, in Bourne-like shells, newline is not any more special than any other characters¹ if [ ! -e "$file&...
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NGINX: Everyday server stops working at same time

FYI. The issue was the location of files on the external mount. The mount couldn't handle the amount of connections.
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Installing Let's Encrypt on Amazon Linux 2023

Thank you to Jens for getting me on the right track. However, I found I needed additional steps to get it fully working. You may also need the module(s) for your specific web server software, and I ...
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