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Webserver to forward and decrypts HTTPS to HTTP

There’s a whole bunch of tools dedicated to this. What you are describing is a HTTP gateway otherwise known as a reverse proxy. Firstly, if all you want is to offload TLS decryption, then it doesn’t ...
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Webserver to forward and decrypts HTTPS to HTTP

What you are asking for is for the https webserver to act as a proxy to the back-end system. In the apache config, you will need is something similar to this in the proxy server's configuration: ...
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how to make Nginx use home directory as root

I was using fpm but my configuration didn't include it, so I changed my sites-available/default to this: location ~ \.php$ { include snippets/fastcgi-php.conf; fastcgi_pass ...
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Installing Let's Encrypt on Amazon Linux 2023

Current Amazon Linux 2023 supports certbot 2.6 and plugins, out of the box. See AL2023.4 package list. The following worked for me on a fresh EC2 instance over ssh: sudo dnf -y install certbot sudo ...
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