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NetworkManager changes default routing policy

If someone cannot fix the issue with other answers, you may also want to check if you don't have another network manager installed that is interfering. I had both ConnMan and NetworkManager installed ...
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Set up wired ethernet LAN to coexist with wireless WAN using NetworkManager

Ok, I figured it out by looking at the answer to this question: NetworkManager changes default routing policy To summarize: Open up NetworkManager's graphical connection editor $ nm-connection-editor ...
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Determine current networking manager being used on Linux

I didn't find a way to do this other than try out one by one: $ systemctl status NetworkManager.service $ systemctl status systemd-networkd.service $ systemctl status dhcpcd.service My list is ...
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Unable to connect to any wifi with NetworkManager due to error: Secrets were required, but not provided

I was getting the same error while using that command. What worked for me: If you have not ever connected to the wifi network you want to connect, issue this command first, otherwise the second ...
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Run nmcli commands in chroot environnement

NetworkManager can be executed with --no-daemon option in background, making the nmcli to work independently of the systemd service : /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon &
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Run nmcli commands in chroot environnement

You would need to somehow allow communication with the "host" NetworkManager daemon, so, a dbus-enabling bind mount? I'm not sure nmcli works without access to the config files in /etc, so ...
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Why does NetworkManager ignore config files when SELinux is enabled?

Partial answer: It's possible that some SELinux policies are set to dontaudit - which means that they will not get logged in /var/log/audit/audit-log. It's possible to disable this with semodule --...
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Enable networkmanager after Arch installation

It happens sometimes, usually it's because you didn't install any network manager package. In this case, due to it's a fresh installation, the best thing to do, and the best one in my opinion, it's to ...
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How to connect an ethernet device with an AP and reach the AP's client's from the ethernet's client?

Indeed, there are nftables rules allowing only the right sources from ap0 to itself or to outside (which is then dropped by the additional iptables-nft rule when using wlan0). In particular this rule ...
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