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Unable to connect to any wifi with NetworkManager due to error: Secrets were required, but not provided

It seems that NetworkManager automatically reuses an existing connection. In case your existing connection does not have any secrets stored, the new connection attempt will not update the existing ...
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How exactly are NetworkManager, networkd, netplan, ifupdown2, and iproute2 interacting?

systemd-networkd when its enabled honors configurations in /etc/systemd/network Whereas NetworkManager will follow some automatic rules like it will try to connect to a wired connection if it finds ...
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How exactly are NetworkManager, networkd, netplan, ifupdown2, and iproute2 interacting?

I won't try to answer your entire question, but I've found a few things that helped me understand how these systems fit together. Hope this helps someone as this was very confusing to me 1 - The old ...
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37 votes

How to delete connection by name via Network Manager

To delete a wifi connection type : nmcli connection delete id <connection name>
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Internet stops working, "Failed to add /run/systemd/ask-password to directory watch: No space left on device"

As discussed here, it turns out that the Crashplan back-up service is the most likely culprit. It uses many inotify watches and, eventually, eats them all up. The immediate fix is to run: sudo -i ...
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How to export and migrate NetworkManager settings to new system?

Each connection configured in NetworkManager is stored in a file in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections Usually, you can copy needed files from a machine to another (by root, of course). Warning: ...
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28 votes

Failed to request VPN secrets #3

In my case (In Debian 9 by Gnome 3.2) selecting the password option "Store the password for all users" in the VPN settings got it working. All other options produce the mentioned error.
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Who reads /etc/resolv.conf?

DNS client libraries do. C libraries contain DNS clients that wrap up name-to-address lookups in the DNS protocol and hand them over to proxy DNS servers to do all of the grunt work of query ...
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22 votes

How to connect to an 802.1x wireless network via nmcli

You can create a WPA2 Enterprise connection using an nmcli command line like (substitute your own wifi device name for wlp3s0, and so forth): nmcli connection add \ type wifi con-name "MySSID" ...
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21 votes

Import VPN config files to NetworkManager from command line

I'm using nmcli version 1.2.6 and I can use it to import openvpn configs. nmcli connection import type openvpn file ~/myconfig.ovpn From now on even in NetworkManager UI my vpn is visible. To ...
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How to delete connection by name via Network Manager

You can just type nmcli connection delete CONNECTION_NAME
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21 votes

Where does Network Manager store settings?

NetworkManager supports various plugins, which can define new storage locations for configuration information. The currently enabled plugins can be found in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf: [...
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18 votes

Install Network-manager-applet (tray-icon) on Arch Linux GNOME 3.20

Initial Requirements Hosts Check the configuration of your /etc/hosts file, a valid configuration looks like this: #<ip-address> <> <hostname> ...
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How to export and migrate NetworkManager settings to new system?

As mentioned by others, Wi-Fi connection files in system-connections directory have the interface MAC address included. This need to match your current setup hence the procedure is: copy all files ...
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Unable to connect to any wifi with NetworkManager due to error: Secrets were required, but not provided

Try turning the WiFi off and on again like this: nmcli r wifi off to turn it off. nmcli r wifi on to turn it on. Check the available WiFi networks: nmcli d wifi list Check and disconnect the WiFi ...
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Unable to connect to any wifi with NetworkManager due to error: Secrets were required, but not provided

Next solved my problem, was taken from: Edit with sudo grants: /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf Add the next two lines: [device] wifi.scan-rand-...
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17 votes

Where does GNOME Network Manager store passwords?

Go to the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ directory, here all the connection details are saved. And use the cat command or any text editor as root to view the saved passwords. There should be ...
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Use nmcli to display the status of a connection

As user B Layer suggested in their comment, you can specify a field name with nmcli. I think the most relevant field in your case is GENERAL.STATE: nmcli -f GENERAL.STATE con show {connection_name} ...
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15 votes

Cannot connect to internet after using airmon-ng check kill

I had nearly the same issue. After messing around with airmon-ng I couldn't connect to any networks. Even the network manager icon disappeared from the taskbar (KDE). If I checked iwconfig, I would ...
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How can I share my WiFi connection through Bluetooth?

I'm not sure why this answer was voted down, since - I think - it answered the question. In a very simple way, I know. Anyway here goes my answer, which is basically an expanded version of the linked ...
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14 votes

How to make NetworkManager add a DNS server at the top of /etc/resolv.conf?

I accidentally created a duplicate question here. The answer is there, but essentially, you need to create: /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf if it doesn't already exist, and add: prepend domain-name-...
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Remove secondary IP with NetworkManager / nmcli

in »Red Hat« the syntax would be like this: nmcli con mod "Wired connection 1" -ipv4.addresses "" You just add a Minus before your Property It might work like this in Ubuntu as well…?
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14 votes

NetworkManager: Set current connection of device as metered

I really hope that this isn't the best answer: it seems convoluted in the simple case, and even more so if allowing for a binary SSID. Anyways, here goes: Get device's current connection nmcli -t -f ...
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14 votes

Linux disables ethernet auto-negotiation on plugging-in the cable?

After hours of searching I found the solution in the most obvious place: NetworkManager seems to somehow have disabled autonegotiation right in the settings for my ethernet port: The weird part is ...
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14 votes

How do I specify the order that Network-Manager populates /etc/resolv.conf

Set ipv4.dns-priority of at least one of the profiles, to specify the relative order. For example nmcli connection modify "$PROFILE" ipv4.dns-priority 5 and reactivate the connection. See ...
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RHEL 8 Deprecated Network Scripts

From your first link: Note that custom commands in /sbin/ifup-local, ifdown-pre-local and ifdown-local scripts are not executed. If any of these scripts are required, the installation of the ...
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Use nmcli to modify VPN password?

Yes, you can modify the value of any property with nmcli. In this case, you would use: nmcli con modify "myvpn" vpn.secrets "password=myverysecretpassword"
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Modem Manager set bearer and connect automatically

You can register your connection using the NetworkManager instead. I dont have the same setup. I am on Ubuntu with a gsm modem. Create the connection sudo nmcli c add con-name "mycon" type gsm ...
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sshd failed due to network not yet available

As A.B indicated, your ssh config has likely been adjusted to listen on a specific IP address. If that IP address is not available when sshd starts, then the service will fail. By default, sshd is ...
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Where does Network Manager store settings?

Try this command: sudo nmcli -f NAME,DEVICE,FILENAME connection show It will display the following: NAME DEVICE FILENAME bridge-br0 br0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/...
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