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Public IP address of local network machines?

Neither machine has a public IP address. Your router has a public IP address, and you can choose to configure Port Forwarding on the router to send traffic for that public IP address and port on to a ...
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Is there a tool to count the latency of UDP datagrams in Linux?

The following programs are network monitoring tools able to measure throughput and other data, with support for UDP: iptraf iperf netperf/netserver
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How can I connect from Linux computer to a network created by "USB tethering" of an Android phone?

At least with my Sony Xperia 5 III and Debian 11, the phone appears as network interface usb0, using the rndis_host driver. The rndis_host driver module depends on other modules, named cdc_ether, ...
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How do you make a non-root user use openconnect?

This is a very unspecific answer, but you can configure tools like 'sudo' to give specific users the ability to run specific commands or script with specifically changed permissions. So you could ...
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How to set a VPN connection in nmcli?

I can show you my configuration for a cisco anyconnect configuration on Debian 11. The .nmconnection file is stored in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connetictions. [connection] id=CONNECTION_NAME uuid=...
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