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Install mysql 8.0 on Debian 12

You never want to --force a package install of any package in any Package Manager as this usually just leads to more breakages/issues later. Properly Install MySQL sudo apt remove mysql-server - ...
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Can I use symbolic links for a MySQL database

I've done this with InnoDB tables in MySQL v5.6. I created an empty table, shut down mysqld, moved the file to a filesystem with sufficient space, set a symbolic link to the moved file, and started ...
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In dovecot, what syntax to use if I have a space in mysql password?

Dovecot's source code relies on spaces to separate the fields in the connection string. Therefor, it is advised to use passwords without spaces. See this discussion on the ML, which references this ...
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Debian/Ubuntu Random Disk Expansion

Running lsof +L1 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NLINK NODE NAME mysqld 886068 mysql 521u REG 254,1 194824503296 0 29360306 /tmp/#29360306 (deleted) ...
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How to hide a variable value when set -x is on

Create a ~/.my.cnf: [client] user=DB_user password="xxx" Now, you can logon without using the -u and -p flags from within your script. Note that it's not just the set -x output from your ...
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