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UUID of a drive that won't show up in /dev/disk/by-uuid or blkid

You ask, Is there a way to get a UUID for this partition? You can also use: lsblk -f to get UUIDs.
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resetting usb bus to allow device mount after usbguard service stop

Is there a way I can get my usb disk to be mountable without having to reboot the system given what i've described? As tested in the comments: add the device to the whitelist and restart the service.
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Files created by user in a mounted partition show root as owner

Just like @ChrisDavies said in the comments section, the answer is in the man ntfs-3g, in the Access Handling and Security section to be precise. Following that I could do ntfs-3g -o uid=1000,gid=...
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Linux mount and save changes to RAM (while not changing the underlying file system)

One possibility is to use an overlay: this can combine one (or more) “lower” read-only file system(s) with an (optional) read-write “upper” file system. Writes go to the upper file system, and reads ...
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How do I whitelist drives / partitions that can be mounted to only those that have entries in /etc/fstab?

connected via one of my USB ports... so have the mount entry in your /etc/fstab if you desire, but to deal with disks hotplugged via usb you can use usbguard. I do not know if it is available for ...
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Mounted network drive buggy. Can't access directory or run df -h

In ps fuxa for those processes you ran that are hanging, the state is likely "D" or "uninterruptible sleep". This means you most likely lost connection at some point and it never ...
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Disable password authentication on mounting a device

Old question but pops up in searches: the simplest GUI solution (tested in Debian-based and RH-based systems, I think it works allover Linux): Gnome Disks.
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mount.nfs: Stale file handle error - cannot umount

Please try umount -l /your-mount-path or umount -lf /your-mount-path and mount -a Some docs using man man umount: -f Force unmount -l Lazy unmount. Detach the ...
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chroot with mounts in unprivileged container

proot worked for me in an unprivileged Docker container: proot -w / -S /path/to/root bash Maybe you didn't pass all of the options you needed?
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Check if folder is a mounted remote filesystem

Umount the remote filesystem. Put a strange file name in the mount destination. Remount. Check the presence of that file. If it exists, the mount point is down.
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What's the difference between mounting a drive with rw and chmod +rw?

Mount options apply just for the time the filesystem is mounted, and for that particular mount. You could mount it somewhere else with different options at the same time (e.g. rw in one folder, and ro ...
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What's the difference between mounting a drive with rw and chmod +rw?

mount options apply to the entire file system, but also are specific to the state of it being mounted. You can unmount and remount a file system with different options. A read-write file system can be ...
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What's the difference between mounting a drive with rw and chmod +rw?

chmod sets the permission for individual files, based on its owner and group. mount options apply to the entire filesystem, including its metadata. For instance, a file's access time is updated every ...
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How to auto-mount CIFS share if the server is only ready later?

TL;DR: Add x-systemd.automount to the mount options, as per Zardoz89's answer. Now I have a different problem of (re)starting docker containers that failed due to being started too early. But that's a ...
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