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How do I access all the files on a disk image?

I then decompressed image.gz and tried to mount it by double clicking it (i.e. via to make sure all the contents are there. What you have is a full-disk backup. You haven't, but ...
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SSD initially mounts correctly, but disappears from lsblk after a few days

Your problem is not with the disk, it is with the disk cable adapter. The 174C code identifies it as ASMedia, which has some history of problems with the kernel driver. Some people have had good ...
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Kernel-mounted vs FUSE-mounted exfat filesystem

Fuse was added on 2005-09-09, that's probably Linux ~2.6.18, far earlier than Linux 5.4 Does incorporation of support for exfat filesystems mean that the exfat-fuse package is no longer required? ...
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How can I make a secondary drive not periodically unmount

There are a number of ways for disks to get mounted: Typically disks that are to be permanently mounted are added to /etc/fstab. Removable disks (like USB sticks) may be automatically mounted by the ...
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How can I find the device file for a phone, so that I can mount it on my Linux?

Your sudo lshw indeed indicates the phone is presenting a USB Mass Storage interface for something: *-usb:0 description: Mass storage device product: FRD-AL10 ...
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fstab mount wait for network

Instead of fighting systemd assumptions and legacy options which may or may not work, make your service and make your mount target depend on it. My SMB shares are mounted from, change to ...
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Mount Samsung Galaxy S7 using simple-mtpfs

This is an old question, anyway, now in 2023 I can manage a Samsung phone with Android version 9 via Firefox as well as by command line (gnome-terminal) in Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.x LTS. When the phone ...
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