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How shall I find the device of a phone's storage so that I can mount it in Linux?

I've been using Android for over a decade now and the most reliable way to use its internal storage "directly" is to install any available Android FTP (or SSH/SCP/SFTP/WebDAV/whatever works ...
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How shall I find the device of a phone's storage so that I can mount it in Linux?

You will not find your phone in the list of block devices because your phone does not really support being used block device. HarmonyOS is based on Android 10. As far as I know, Android 10 only offers ...
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Move /home partition from separate drive to same drive as root

Can this be done Yes, and it's not very hard. Multiple ways, it might be easiest if you just copy over the contents of your current home to the /home directory on the volume that hosts / from a live ...
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Rename mounted home directory

First of all, make sure you can log in as root. (This account doesn't rely on /home.) Not sudo but a real login. Then you can proceed. It's probably best not to use the GUI here: Comment out the line ...
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unexpected tmpfs mounts : please explain

Those look like systemd credentials, which are a way of exposing sensitive information to systemd services: Credentials are limited-size binary or textual objects that may be passed to unit processes....
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Debian: ZFS installation error: Module zfs not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.0-14-amd64

You need the linux headers for your current kernel version. are linux-headers-$(uname -r) and zfs-dkms installed? you'd need those... Source: AllKind on Github If your linux headers are not ...
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Rename mounted home directory

Comment out the home mount. Reboot and login as root. Make your changes. Reboot again and login as an ordinary user with /home containing the desired files.
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