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How to record packet/frames data without a pcap header

You need some headers, how else would you know many bytes are in a frame? Anyway, this is all handled for you. libpcap's pcap_next() fills a pcap_pkthdr struct object whose address you pass to it with ...
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What is a value range for filesystem efficiency for btrfs with copying a file between directories?

While further researching public search engines, a simple tool on GitHub was found, providing an approximate overview for a directory's data IO. Maybe that's a starter for others looking for a Linux ...
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Is there a tool that can monitor bandwidth usage of a single process?

based on the answer by Jander #!/usr/bin/env bash # monitor network traffic of a process # this is hard without root access # and without extra capabilities: cap_net_admin, cap_new_raw # which are ...
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PBS equivalent of 'top' command: avoid running 'qstat' repeatedly

This is a workaround if you don't have the chance to get pbstop. It requires that you have ssh access, and you will only see 1 node (but many processors.) pbsnodes -a | grep JOB_ID, for example ...
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