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"mount" works in terminal; mounting through interface does not

I'd try the following. 1: What NTFS driver is used? There is an older, more stable ntfs-3g, and there's newer, ntfs3. Right now (2023) there isn't a consensus on which to use, some distros have ...
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"Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be corrupt!" after partition resized

I ran into the same problem: I shrunk the last partition of my drive without adjusting the file system, resulting in a partition/file system mismatch. However, I did not create a new partition in the ...
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Alt + 4 tab switch doesn't work in Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma

It could be that you are using a Spanish keyboard? If so, there is a default shortcut set to ALT+~, which is 4 in those keyboards, as Sahsanu says here. Solution: ...go to System Settings -> ...
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