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As indicated by user4556274, you need to #include <sys/types.h> before you #include <sys/ptrace.h> (see your local ptrace(3) manpage for details).


Add /opt/X11/bin to your PATH in ~/.bashrc, e.g. case $PATH in (*"/opt/X11/bin"*) ;; (*) PATH=$PATH:/opt/X11/bin ;; esac at the very start of the file. (Strictly one ought to look for "/opt/X11/bin:"*|*":/opt/X11/bin:"*|*":/opt/X11/bin"|"/opt/X11/bin" but *"/opt/X11/bin"* is almost certainly good enough)


If you really want less to clear the screen when it exits you can redefine the command like this less() { command less "$@"; clear; } On the other hand, if you want less to save the original content of the screen and restore that when it exits, this should be standard behaviour. (It's managed through the ti and te entries of TERMINFO and/or TERMCAP. These ...


Historically, the Unix mail command does not use network services at all. It just runs /usr/sbin/sendmail with the necessary options, and pipes the outgoing email to it. This is literally where sendmail got its name from. For incoming mail, it would simply read the user's local system inbox located at /var/mail/<username>. Because of this convention, ...

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