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While loop not outputting to a log file

You have >> "$log", but it does not receive any input as it comes after a ;. Either put it after done: while ... do ... done >> "$log" or after the curl command: curl ....
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How to fix CVE-2018-364 vulnerability

Guest mitigation mechanisms lists everything you can do. The easiest solution: boot with l1tf=full kvm-intel.vmentry_l1d_flush=always. This will destroy performance (specially multithreaded since this ...
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Best way to run child process in C++ if you want to get output of the called command

In many places in my code I use system() function to run some commands. Not a good sign! system is really something that you should be vary of using – it's not a C++ function, it's not a system call, ...
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What format does syslog() use when writing to /dev/log?

Maybe man rsyslogd gives an important hint: /dev/log The Unix domain socket to from where local syslog messages are read. Note "local syslog messages". ...
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