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How to run linux distributions on android tablets?

I heard that android uses a linux kernel. Does that mean android tablets can run linux distributions like debian or arch? Yes. It's possible. Some tablets have x86 cpus. And nowadays kernel will ...
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Enable core dump on Linux 2.6.35

In my case I needed to disable coredump functionality in my embedded Linux, which was blocked by the config_expert config. I decided to disable coredump functionality in production at the kernel level ...
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join files/devices in linear mode together in a linux system

Create executable script mapdevlist: #!/bin/sh mapname=$1 mapdev=/dev/mapper/$mapname test -e "$mapdev" && { printf '%s already exists\n' "$mapdev" exit 1 } shift ...
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join files/devices in linear mode together in a linux system

The format of linear device mapper table lines is as follows: <target start> <mapping length> linear <source device> <source start> Or in other words, from <source device&...
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How to create a page aligned variable in a kernel module?

static char buf[BUF_LEN]; That already sounds like a potential bug to me :) Your module has a static buffer of some size defined in a global scope, meaning: there's exactly one of such buffers, and ...
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Compling kernel in CentOS 9

You need the linux-kernel-headers libraries installed since the readahead.h library is part of the. Install the kernel-devel & kernel-headers packages for your centos kernel. To make sure the ...
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Oracle Linux Kernel cannot be set after OS upgrade

Update: could solve it. There was only a .x86_64 version of the kernel present, but no .img. After building that with mkinitrd, I was able to set the kernel as default and after a reboot it is active.
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How do I search the linux kernel mailing list archives?

Nowadays there is also the official LKML archive: It includes a search features that isn't too shabby. For example it returns legitimate hits for the string /usr/lib/...
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Which Linux kernel config options are required to get QEMU virtio to work?

Eventually I found something which appears to be working fine: A few things to watch out for: the QEMU microvm machine accepts a bunch of options to disable legacy devices, i.e. rtc=off,pit=off,pic=...
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Setting large fs.pipe-max-size

In the kernel implementation that handles the fcntl() system call on a pipe, there's: /* * If trying to increase the pipe capacity, check that an * unprivileged user is not trying to ...
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Core differences between different cloud kernels

Quoting "Cloud-optimized Linux kernels – what makes Ubuntu the top OS across the clouds", an Ubuntu blog post by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos: For AWS: [...] Each kernel enables the Elastic ...
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Understanding the “memmap” Linux parameter

Why is the physical RAM map the same for all of them? The address map is provided by the BIOS, as stated in dmesg. So there's no reason to expect it to change based on OS kernel parameter. Your ...
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Run Wireguard as a client on Win10 with WSL2

In my case, there is another error related to nft -f /dev/fd/63 ...
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How to Manually Upgrade an Outdated Linux 3.10.65 ARMv7l Kernel on an Industrial Computer

I'm 99.9% sure your device is not running a standard Linux kernel but instead it's something heavily patched by your OEM. ARM is a very standards averse platform and it's quite rare for the mainline ...
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What is the modern way of creating devices files in /dev/?

#include <linux/module.h> #include <linux/init.h> #include <linux/fs.h> #include <linux/cdev.h> #include <linux/device.h> #include <linux/uaccess.h> #define ...
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