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How to change default text editor for virsh edit?

I ran /usr/bin/select-editor, which gave me the choice to select an editor.  Solved my problem.
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Virsh not assigning dynamic IP address for VM

Test network connectivity Test whether or not the vm has connectivity when you assign a static address. Log in on the virtual machine console and assign an address to the interface (I'm going to ...
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Understanding how libvirt snapshots are stored

I wrote a blog post about directories used by virt-manager, and how to deal with them in case ...
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libvirt can't bind device to runtime due to permission denied

It turned out the error is not permission issue. I actually used the wrong pool name in my KVM definition. The error is gone after I updated it.
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Why qemu don't accept this xml configuration for audio?

Solution found, for qemu with XDG_RUNTIME_DIR mkdir /tmp/pulse XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp/pulse pulseaudio -D qemu-system-x86_64 -device usb-audio -audiodev pa,id=hda,out.mixing-engine=off -audiodev pa,id=...
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