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Do you have the libnsl2-devel package installed? – Vojtech Trefny Jan 4 at 20:50 This was it. Before I posted the question I had searched for other libnsl2 packages, hoping to find a -devel, but it did not show up in the results hence I did not think it existed. Turned out the powertools repository had been disabled. Checking the repository files all of the ...


I think the guide is supposed to be understood in the order it’s presented in, without assuming external knowledge about libraries. Thus in chapter 2, “Static Libraries”, comparisons don’t involve shared libraries, which haven’t been introduced yet. So both excerpts are comparisons to source code only: compared to providing source code, building static ...


The excerpts are unclear. Static libraries become part of the executable, and are unavailable outside that executable. See man ld. They're treated just like external functions. Statically linked executables are bigger than dynamically linked executables, but they are complete. self-sufficient. When using dynamically linked libraries, the program supplies the ...


It's really up to you as long as it's a separate directory not used by your system. You can even use something like /opt/arm64 or even /arm64.

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