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What is the difference between virtio-net-pci, virtio-net-pci-non-transitional and virtio-net-pci-transitional

Here's a brief overview from the mailing list: virtio devices can be exposed in upto three ways Legacy - follows virtio 0.9 specification. always uses PCI ID range 0x1000-0x103F Transitional - ...
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KVM: Recover console of VM which connected to console of another VM

Reading the documentation for virsh (see man virsh) we find, -e, --escape string Set alternative escape sequence for console command. By default, telnet's ^] is used. Allowed characters when using ...
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libvirt qemu cannot access image inside my home directory, even as root?

Try to give qemu user/group permissions to execute your homedir setfacl -m u:qemu:--x $HOME
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Root does not see KVM guests of non-super user

Why doesn't root know about a regular user's KVM guests? That is because the command virsh works in the context of the current user. In order for arbitrary user (ex. root) to run the command in the ...
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How to create KVM guest with SPICE graphics but TLS disabled using virt-install?

the answer from user 'sampi ' above worked perfectly, however to connect remotely i had to add this line --xml './devices/graphics/@listen=' \ so it becomes --xml 'xpath.delete=./devices/...
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