The Korn shell (ksh) is a shell with advanced scripting features, commonly found on commercial unices and some BSD systems but rarely used on Linux.

The Korn shell (ksh) is a shell originally written at AT&T, with more advanced programming features than the then-existing Bourne and C shells, and a syntax compatible with the Bourne shell. Many programming features in and mimic ksh's. Several versions of ksh exist, including:

  • ksh88, the original, which was always proprietary software.
  • pdksh (public domain ksh), a free clone of ksh88 (with a few incompatibilities). Not developed since 1999; superseded by…
  • (MirBSD Korn Shell), an actively developed descendant of pdksh.
  • ksh93, a major new version of the original Korn shell, superseding ksh88; initially proprietary, then released as free software.

Further resources are available on the #ksh on Freenode channel homepage collection.

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