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Keyboard after connecting still not working

bluetoothctl scan on after I paired it with the id: pair ID after I got the passkey and it worked. Also working after rebooting the system.
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Permanently and completely disable onscreen keyboard for Ubuntu 20.04

I searched many forums to solve this problem. I ended up listing all the gsettings of my Linux and I finally found the solution. This is the one line you have to write into a terminal: gsettings set ...
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keyboard detected but no keys events are received

I ran into the same problem when trying out this thing on a Raspberry Pi.  After finding this post, I tried having a look at the corresponding /dev/hidraw* inputs to see whether data arrives there. So ...
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Input Methods for Anceint Greek (and other diacritic heavy languages)

One way of doing this is installing and setting-up an input method framework like ibus or fcitx (which are generally commonly used for east Asian languages like Mandarin or Japanese, though I use ibus ...
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