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How to find the keycodes for remapping Control and Super keys using xmodmap on X11

For changing the functionality of the modifier keys (shift, lock, control, alt, numlock, etc.), we first need to clear the modifier map followed by assigning the keycodes to the modifiers followed by ...
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Can't use dead keys through xpra x11 on ubuntu linux

For some reasons, in my Xpra client (or server, dunno) the tild character is disabled from AltGr+2 (french keyboard), but it is available from the right-mouse key closed to Fn on my keyboard. Cheap ...
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Access the GNOME shell aggregate menu per keyboard

In 2024 In Gnome Settings you can assign a keyboard shortcut to "Open the Quick Settings Menu" (Under "System"). Apparently "Quick Settings Menu" is its proper name.
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How can I delete a word backward at the command line (bash and zsh)?

If you're using Linux with Xorg, the default keybindings for delete word backwards are Ctrl+W and Alt+Backspace. If you want to have Ctrl+Backspace to also delete word backwards in bash, you have to ...
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