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localectl: Failed to read list of keymaps: No such file or directory

Found a possible fix at In short, Download the latest keymaps from kbd upstream project Extract the .tar file (e.g, tar xzf kbd-x.y.z.tar.gz) Copy the Keymaps folder (or it'...
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How to set single key for customization keyboard shortcuts in gnome

I've found the solution for the problem which I mentioned in the comment under Pixelbog's answer. If you want to change any behavior(key-binding shortcut) that belongs to gnome shell and also if it ...
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Switch tabs in Debian installer over serial console with PuTTy

In addition to @telcoM answer: For those running the Debian installer through screen itself, like a UART connection to some monitor-less device, you can't use Ctrl+a directly. That would be picked up ...
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How can I move custom shortcuts to another machine using a dotfiles repository?

Following up my own questiong. A short time after I asked this, I started using NixOS and soon found plasma-manager to be exactly what I was looking for, as I wasn't very keen on figuring out myself ...
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How to set single key for customization keyboard shortcuts in gnome

Just follow these steps: Create your custom-keybinding (just use any shortcut keys, you are going to change it in the next step anyways) Open the dconf editor Go to /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/...
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Ctrl + left/right arrow keys issue

I faced this issue when I create ~/.inputrc file with: "\e[A": history-search-backward "\e[B": history-search-forward, I solved this issue by change it to below: "\...
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Irssi: Using ALT + # to switch windows works for all windows but the first one

I don't have enough points yet to be able to add a coment, so I'll write my suggestions as an (incomplete) answer. Make sure that the Alt + 1 keypress actually reaches irssi, by running cat in a ...
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How to close the selected window via keyboard while in gnome-shell overview mode?

I found another extension called AATWS - Advanced Alt-Tab Window Switcher. There's to much settings that you can do, including bindings another keys to some special functions, in this case I'm using q ...
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Paste clipboard as text into keyboard buffer

No reputation enough to comment on "Warrentheo" and "GammaGames". Thank you for this clever line. Additionally, inside ~/.bashrc I created this alias: alias ctlv="sh -c 'sleep ...
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Switch audio output by keyboard in KDE Plasma

As a variant - you can go by way of scripts/launchers and set the hotkeys to run this scripts. First you need to get a list of "sinks", which is how system knows audo devices: pactl list ...
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How to re-map keys so SIGINT and copy/paste are not confused

Check here: Remap interrupt command in terminal Short answer: echo $'# Make Ctrl+K interrupt command in terminal\nstty intr \^k\n' >> ~/.bashrc
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Key binding to swap shell foreground/background jobs

This makes issuing CTRL+Z immediately resume the previous job, as long as you have more than 1 job suspended. The only way to exit the while loop is to close programs until at most 1 backgrounded ...
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On an editor (gedit, bash command line, vim...) what is the easiest way for a well displayed negative exponent, i.e. : 5.10⁻⁷?

I’m assuming you’re using a French layout — on my system, ^-^7 (using the main keyboard keys, not the numeric keypad) does the right thing: “5.10⁻⁷”. This uses \u207B, superscript minus. (It doesn’t ...
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