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Having downloaded keyring and imported public key, why is the public key still unavailable for apt?

I cannot install brave-browser nor brave-browser-beta but only on one laptop that I know has a faulty networking card as I described it here some time ago. The issue is not present on any other of my ...
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Totally Legit Signing Key <[email protected]>

The mallory keys were keys added to demonstrate that short key identifiers are easily spoofable. See this GnuPG discussion and this oss-sec post for details. Unless you’re actively maintaining your ...
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PKCS#11 provider in OpenSSH: Is it possible to cache PIN?

ssh-agent will cache the PIV credential for a set period of time (via -t in ssh-agent or ssh-add). Since your ssh client is already able to successfully authenticate with your smartcard/piv, these ssh-...
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