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information regarding can, can-dev kernel modules on Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Linux 4.19.94-ti-r42 This link shows the modules and what I would need to select in order to create them. I searched for both can.ko and can-dev....
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How to unload kernel module 'nvidia-drm'?

I'm leaving this here just as a drastic last resort, you should avoid doing it like this if possible, first try other answers. You can brutally kill all processes using the nvidia device and then ...
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How to use gettimeofday in the kernel module?

The first rule of kernel development is that the C library isn’t available. In a kernel module, if you want to know the time, you should use the appropriate ktime accessor, for example #include <...
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Binding lsmod module name with kernel configuration menu entry

Be warned that the lsmod command lists module's name, not the module's filename. They may be different. For instance the aesni_intel module is located in a module file aesni-intel (hyphen, not ...
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WSL 2 does not have /lib/modules/

I was trying to do a Yocto build that worked fine on Ubuntu 22.04 native but failed on WSL2 because it couldn't find /lib/modules/ murata-wireless/cyw-fmac - Build ...
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Linux Traffic Control (tc) not working without reboot

Found a way, depending on the RHEL release, but works for my uses. yumdownloader --resolve kernel-modules-extra rpm2cpio kernel-modules-extra-*.rpm | cpio -idmv mv lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/net/...
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Reading PHY MII registers beyond 0x1F

I figured out how it works: The basic standard MDIO address consists of 5 bits and therefore only the [0..32] range can be accessed directly. For devices that offer additional registers beyond the ...
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Kernel module to connect ps/2 keyboard to usb?

Enabling "legacy usb" in BIOS let's you use passive USB/PS2 (pin to pin) converters. And they work on windows. I've never tried with linux though.
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Shared memory between user module and kernel module

To reduce the overhead of utilizing a communication library like netlink, leveraging shared memory between a kernel module and a user-level module is a potential alternative. To implement shared ...

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