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How to configure KDE start menu to pop when pressing "Meta" key

This is reason why it happened- you clicked default. Defaults has bug- they change to different then when preinstalled clean defaults. Whats the name of start menu meta menu to reassign it manually ...
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alt-< shortcuts not working under KDE Plasma

You said you checked within the system settings menu. Can you check for any config files that would affect Qtile? ALT is known as mod1 or can ...
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How do I get ssh-askpass working in Wayland, on KDE?

Test with $ QT_QPA_PLATFORM="wayland" ksshaskpass. If that works, export QT_QPA_PLATFORM="wayland" in your shell setup files, or possibly in the ssh-agent environment when first ...
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Layout `custom` not recognised by KDE keyboard layout settings

This depends on the localisations. In KDE (and Xfce4 and presumably some other DEs as well) the short tag is not shown in the dialog. Only the description text is. This text reads A user defined ...
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