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How can I install a new keyboard layout in KDE 4?

Here is a bit more detailed answer for anybody stuck on this. How to make a custom keyboard layout in KDE All you have to look at are these files: /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ /usr/share/X11/xkb/...
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How to stop an app from Requesting Attention/Alerting/Appearing in the Task Manager of multiple virtual desktops in KDE?

The feature you want to remove is a feature of the "task manager" widget. There is a much more simplistic "task-manager-like" plasma widget named "Window list" which does ...
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Change SSH TTY session type to X11 at console?

When sddm is running a session as user sddm, it normally means it's displaying a GUI login screen. When you use it to log in, the user will be switched to the actual logged-in account. But the X11 ...
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Kde plasma freezes unexpectedly

I have similar Problem, KDE 5.X on Debian Trixie. In my case as workaround helps switching to terminal session (for example Ctrl+Alt+F3 with no need to log-in ) and back again to GUI session Ctrl+Alt+...
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sddm won't let me login to Plasma

I figured that the mess was caused by syncing the complete home dir with Syncthing. I didn't actually end up finding out all the details but I removed syncthing which seemed to resolve the issue for ...
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How can I move custom shortcuts to another machine using a dotfiles repository?

Following up my own questiong. A short time after I asked this, I started using NixOS and soon found plasma-manager to be exactly what I was looking for, as I wasn't very keen on figuring out myself ...
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Alt + 4 tab switch doesn't work in Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma

It could be that you are using a Spanish keyboard? If so, there is a default shortcut set to ALT+~, which is 4 in those keyboards, as Sahsanu says here. Solution: ...go to System Settings -> ...
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