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This may not be more digestible than the KWin scripts you mentioned but I'm using a Bash script that relies on xdotool together with an xbindkeys configuration to map numpad keys. The script: #!/bin/bash # # Move a window to a certain location. # # Examples: # 'search --onlyvisible --name SpeedCrunch' top-right # ...


Both Okular and Evince use the poppler library to render pdf, but they use different backends which produce different results. To switch the rendering backend in Okular to the one used in Evince you can compile poppler with this patchset.


You can save the current position of windows with: wmctrl -lG > ~/.windowlistrc You can restore them with: rcfile=~/.windowlistrc while read row; do IFS=" " read id g x y w h _ <<< ${row} if [[ ${g} == "-1" ]]; then continue; fi wmctrl -ir ${id} -b toggle,maximized_vert,maximized_horz wmctrl -ir ${id} -b remove,...

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