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For some reason 'last' command is not working on my Kali

It looks like your rolling Kali has transitioned from the old wtmp file to the new wtmpdb database. Have you logged in since upgrading? Assuming all the dependencies have been added to PAM correctly ...
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How to repair broken packages on Kali Linux

Just wanted to drop a note to say @deso had the correct answer for me. This problem happened on a fresh VM I just created. I ran $sudo apt-get install gpg -y
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Kali Linux Hostname

It is extremely unlikely that your hostname contains a space. You can check it with: echo "-$(hostname)-" which will probably return -kali-linux-, so without a space. The space is probably ...
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Kali VMware Workstation crashed after upgrading and follow-up fixes. A Public Discussion

Kali Linux is a rolling-release distribution that updates quite frequently. If you want to keep updating an existing installation (as opposed to making a complete reinstall), you should update it way ...
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