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can't get permissions for debug folder with a custom program

So these folders are only used for logging the debug info? If so maybe I can comment out in the program where it uses this directory? No, these aren't actual folders with actual files in them. They ...
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Kali Linux is Installed but not showing in boot manager

I just had a similar issue. Had the dual boot setup (Windows 10 + Kali Linux), and after my laptop's BIOS update the record of Kali in BIOS completely disappeared. I got it solved thanks to the ...
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How to fix: The attempt to mount file system with type vfat in SCSI1 (0,0,0), partition #1 (sda) at /boot/efi failed

The most common reason for this error is probably that you have selected to create a new ESP partition and to mount it to /boot/efi, but forgot to tell the installer that a filesystem should be ...
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Missing headers linux-headers-6.5.0-kali3-686-pae_6.5.6-1kali1_i386.deb

They aren’t our repositories, but that’s not particularly relevant. Kali only maintains one or two versions of the kernel; currently, that’s 6.6.9-1kali1. See the linux package information for details....
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Attempting to compile kernel yields a certification error

This happened to me when I was building a kernel on Rocky using make oldconfig You get rhel.pem from the kernel source. On Rocky Linux you can download and unpack the kernel source with the following: ...
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How to resolve 'Compiled without: Available nsock engines' message in Nmap & display open ports?

There’s nothing to resolve: the two messages are separate. “Compiled without:” means that there is no feature missing in your nmap. “Available nsock engines: epoll poll select” lists the available ...
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Kali linux hid-generic 0003:0b05:189d.0001: no inputs registered, leaving boot hang

The Nvidia drivers don't support Debian 13.2 (current). I removed the Nvidia drivers and the problem went away.
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function log2syslog in kali linux 2023.4

zsh is the default shell on Kali Linux. You can revert back to bash: chsh -s /bin/bash
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