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3 votes

Cant install any package in Kali Linux on WSL due to libc6:amd64

There is a known bug in systemd 255.3 (I only found this while browsing trough questions at AskUbuntu). See Debian bug 1060387, and this discussion on the WSL repository, which leads to the following ...
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1 vote

Can't boot into linux on my laptop?

Not every PC can boot from external USB Harddisk or SD Card. On other hand, ability of booting from internals SSD/HD and external USB Stick are standard today. But some PCs like Dell Notebooks, you ...
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1 vote

I can't use the "cat" command

Seems like you have "cat" aliased to "bat" (see sharkdp/bat). You could install it (sudo apt install -y bat) if you want to actually use bat, or use cat itself by surrounding its ...
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