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How do I keep init from pivot_root and stay in ramdisk?

so yes, it apears I was being a dumb-dumb, the problem was twofold: I had compiled the kernel with initramfs source files and I had two initrd's. the first prevented the loading of the external initrd,...
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Boot Linux into RAM from ISO file on hard drive and do a clean Linux reinstallation

Grub doesn't do that. All Grub does is load kernel/initrd and pass parameters. Ubuntu then loads itself into ram. Grub is not further involved in that process. toram is a feature implemented by Ubuntu'...
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sda1 /puppy_bionicpup64_8.0.sfs not found

You have to change pmedia=cd to pmedia=usb. also How to boot Puppy over network (PXE / TFTP)? (Solved) 2023-03-15
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