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How to exclude dnsmasq used by libvirt from Mullvad VPN's "local network sharing" block

The chains mentioned below should be contained in a separate table, like: table inet allowedLocal { ... } It depends on what exact traffics you wish to allow. If you wish to allow only DNS ...
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Ubuntu 22.04 iptables command not working

On Ubuntu 22.04 nftables is used by default. What’s new in Security for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS? nftables as the default firewall backend Firewalling on Linux consists of two components – the firewall ...
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redirect traffic of wlan0 through v2ray http proxy

I could solve this by modifying the answer to this question. I removed the parts for eth2 and changed eth1 to wlan0.
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Blocking all ports but a few in iptables

Simply specifying a network interface like this: iptables -N WHITELIST iptables -A INPUT -j WHITELIST iptables -i wlan0 -A WHITELIST --protocol tcp --match tcp --dport 4444 --jump ACCEPT iptables -i ...
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How to route traffic from ethernet interface to another?

Your eth2 IP address starts with 192.168, which means it is not a public IP in the first place. Your eth2 interface must be connected to a router, firewall or some other NAT-capable device that holds ...
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